Ordering Products: Helicoid Flighting / Conveyor Screw
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Letter Description Dimensions
in mm
A Screw Diameter
B Root Diameter
C Pitch
D Overall Length of Flight
E Flight Thickness
F Shaft Length
G Shaft Diameter
H Keyway (if required)
I Shaft Length
J Shaft Diameter
K Keyway (if required)
L Overall Length of Auger
  Right Hand Flight
  Left Hand Flight
Please Specifiy:
Flighting Only
Complete Screw
Drawing Attached
Auger Material:
Stainless Steel
Mild Steel
Other: ______
Raw Fabrication OK
Glass Bead (Sandblast)
Construction (Welded Flight):
Tack Welded
Continuous Weld Both Sides
Request for quotation
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