A Complete Line of Tooling


Non Free-Flow Tooling for Filling Powders
Non Free-Flow or Restrictor Tooling consists of an Auger typically referred to as a Self-Feeding, Compression or Tapered Auger. The Auger is housed inside a Funnel that has some type of restriction to prevent product drip.
non free-flow tooling for filling powders

soup bases - grated cheese - cake mixes - flour - spices - talcum powder

free-flow tooling for filling granulates

Drink Mixes - Salts - Bread Crumbs - Sugar - Rice - Chlorine

Free-Flow Tooling for Filling Granulates
A typical Free-Flow set of tooling consists of a straight Auger (All flights the same diameter), straight Funnel, a spinner plate, and a collector funnel assembly.
Liquid Tooling
A positive displacement stainless steel mono pump dispenses viscous liquids, pastes, creams and slurries. A pump assembly consists of a pump shaft, rotor, stator, pump housing and nozzle.
liquid tooling

Syrups - Shampoo - Perfumes - Cooking Oil - Face Creams - Lotions

Filling Machine Accessories

Dividing Head

dividing head
    Multiple dividing heads fill several containers at one time increasing production outputs at nominal costs. Optional air operated nozzle lowering assures proper container opening alignment and clean filling.

Cut-Off Valve (Liquid)

cut-off valve (liquid)
    Assures positive shut-off without drip for liquid fills.

Cut-Off Devices (Powder)

cut-off devices (powder)
    Dual Flapper, Slide Gate, Cone Type used for products that require a positive drip-free cutoff.

Bottom Lift

Hydraulically controlled system raises container to pack even the most difficult non-free flowing products. Lift range adjustable from 1" to 7" to accommodate all common containers. Electrical vibrators also available to settle free flowing products.

Special Hoppers

Jacketed hoppers available for special product requirements - heating and cooling.

Dust Shrouds

For connection to customer's dust collection systems to keep operations clean.

Work Platform

Adjustable to support any free standing container for operator convenience.

Filling Machine Parts

We stock all the standard replacement parts for All-Fill and Mateer Auger Fillers. When ordering or inquiring, simply refer to the OEM part number.

Free Fill Test Services

Our experienced staff is equipped with a complete, modern testing facility. This free service is available to all packagers. Send us your product, we'll test the product, obtain the required fill weight and recommend the tooling that will best suit your needs. For testing purposes we require 1 cubic foot of product and about a dozen sample containers or pouches.

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